Peppers Cultivation Technology

Our agronomists experts are able to assist you to reach primium quality peppers. Sweet and hot peppers.



Peppers regarded as one of the most tolerant plants to high temperature, thus it can stand hight night temp. than tomatoes.


In tropical  climate  

peppers aclimate much better than tomatoes.

Shading in summer time is needed.




When temp. drops bellow 15 c, fruit set is affected and partinocarpic fruits (with out seeds)develope as deformed.


Heating is needed to optain optimal range of temp. when it drops bellow 16c.

              Net House                                                  Greenhouse     





Peppers capacity of fruits per plant is related with fruit size and variety.


Hot or small fruit size plants have higher capacity and contiuos fruit set and harves.


Big fruit size and sweet varieties carry in  waves or flashes but not continuos.  


Prunning of side branches may help to balance the growth and fruit set to reduce the waving habit.


Hight support

trillising as dutch (2 branches) or Spanish system is suitable to cultivation method, climate conditions and selected hybrid